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Spikes Diamond Grip Chains Chains
Diamond Grip - MSRP $41.95


Turn your shoes into a Zamboni, with ICEtrekkers Spikes. Excellent for navigating icy streets, parking lots and driveways, ICEtrekkers Spikes can be used with a variety of footwear. They are easy to put on and to take off, and stay on the footwear without the need for buckles or straps. ICEtrekkers Spikes have 7-point contact on the ball and heel of the foot, providing grip even in glare ice conditions. Our spikes are made with tungsten carbide - the same tough steel used in high speed router bits. For added durability, the tungsten carbide tips are encased in an alloy steel housing. Great for town and country use.


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ICEtrekkers Spikes

Just had a major ice storm in Indiana. About 1.5” of ice and in some areas there are a couple inch...

Just had a major ice storm in Indiana. About 1.5” of ice and in some areas there are a couple inches of ice. I put on my ICEtrekkers Spikes and they are awesome. They have a fantastic grip on the ice. I was even able to go down a hill full of ice to rescue my dogs that slid down the hill and were not able to get back up. Can’t wait to get another pair and one for the wife. You should make tiny ones for my dogs!

Noblesville IN

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